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JHB skyline from the east

Gauteng – Sotho word – means “PLACE OF GOLD”

Gauteng history has been moulded for centuries by the very location of the province on the highland plateau of South Africa.

Gauteng is to the north of South Africa, between the Provinces of Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu Natal.
Size – 18 810 sq kilometres. Population 8 020 million. 18% of the total population.
History starting with the Sterkfontein Caves where the presence of early humankind was discovered and dates back about 3.5 million years.
Evidence of iron age smelters on the Mellville Koppies and San rock engravings in the Magaliesberg estimates at about 25 000 years ago.
Prior to the arrival of the trekkers/settlers, meetings have been recorded by missionaries and ivory hunters in the Magaliesberg.
Later came the wagon routes, the railway lines and the roads.

private day tours

George Harrison

With the discovery of gold in 1886 on the Witwatersrand, the town of Johannesburg was established and a new form of migration appeared.
Mine workers from all over the world arrived, setting up their trades, artisans, craftsmen and miners.
Pretoria was founded in 1855, a modern city built on the wealth of the Cullinan Diamond Mines.
The Anglo Boer War started in 1899 to 1902. This was to take over the Transvaal, mainly for the rich gold and diamond fields.
In June 1955 the ANC’s Freedom Charter was signed in Kliptown Johannesburg.
Milestones during this periods was the Rivonia Trial, the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela and others on Robben Island and the Sharpeville Massacre.
In 1976 the student uprising in Soweto marks the beginning of the end of apartheid.
Gauteng was at the very cutting edge of the revolution against apartheid.
It is appropriate that when peace came to the country that the new constitution was drafted and signed in Gauteng and where the new President was inaugurated.
The Province of Gauteng today reflects the new South African order and society of which we are just proud.

Conctitution Hill private guided tour

Conctitution Hill



We do day tours in Johannesburg and Cape Town or private guided tours.

South Africa’s financial and industrial heartland and the most densely populated province.
Gauteng generates some 37% of the GDP, has 70% of the labour force and performs 60% of the country’s research and development. Johannesburg is the provincial capital and main point of entry to the country. Pretoria the administrative capital of the nation. Soweto is the country’s largest black city. Most of the major corporate headquarters are located in Gauteng.

Environmental friendly tree

Environmental friendly tree

Unemployment 25,6 %
The only province with fewer women (49%) than men (51%). Main reason for this is the preponderance of African men.
The majority of the population in Gauteng is African (70%), Whites (23%), Coloured (4%) and Indian/Asian (2%)

IsiZulu is the most widely spoken language (21%). Afrikaans is the second most spoken (17%). Around 13% speak English and a further 13% Sotho.
English has become the language of commerce and business.
Other language spoken, Sepedi, Setswana and isiXhosa.

Johannesburg – Economic Hub of SA


The culture of the people is often reflected in their dress, their music, art and dance.
The Johannesburg theatre scene is lively and innovative while the Sate Theatre in Pretoria regularly stages classical ballet and opera.
The National Symphony Orchestra performs at a variety of venues.
Gauteng’s multi-cultural population has produced a wide range of traditional foods found nowhere else in the world, such as African “phutu” (porridge) to Afrikaner “potjiekos” (stew).
Any type of cuisine is available in Gauteng’s many restaurants, eg Italian, Greek, French, Chinese.

Cape Malay cuisine in Sandton

If you are not inclined to the classics, there are dozens of cafes and nightclubs offering everything from blues and cool jazz to rock pop and kwaito.

There is culture to be found in Gauteng’s many museums and theatres.

Museum Africa for earliest ancestors – The Market Theatre Complex for the sounds of late night jazz, Mandela Museum, Military History Museum.

Cape Malay cuisine 275x183


The Witwatersrand Botanical Gardens is situated against a backdrop of the breathtaking Witpoortjie Waterfall. Indigenous gardens and a nature reserve along the Roodekrans Ridge.

Various theme gardens with cycads succulents and beautiful wild flowers from the region are to be seen.

pretoria day tour

Jacaranda trees in Pretoria

Over 230 species of birds have been recorded.

The Lion Park to the north of Johannesburg City and the Rhino and Lion Park boasts a variety of antelope, lions and other wildlife.

Krugersdorp Game Reserve to the west of Johannesburg has a splendid diversity of game, birds, trees and grasses.

The Johannesburg and Pretoria Zoo’s ranked among the best in the world.

Hector Memorial


Gauteng offer the best shopping experience in Southern Africa. Offers good value for money and excellent service. A Few major markets:

  • The Market Square Precinct – a weekend market with African diversity and imagery in an art filled environment. Hand-made items, clothing and traditional art.
  • The Mount Michael Organic Market in Bryanston – crafts made from natural products along with tempting range of organically grown foods.
  • The Oriental Bazaar in Fordsburg is a bargain hunter’s paradise.
  • The African Craft Market in Rosebank – extensive range of crafts from all over the continent.
  • Gold and diamond jewelry stores available in all the shopping centers. Downtown Johannesburg has diamonds on sale directly from the cutters.



Constitutional Hill & Apartheid Museum

You will be transported from your hotel to the Constitution Hill, a city precinct west of Hillbrow. This is the highest court in South Africa and built on the site and history of the Old Fort and prison. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were incarcerated here during the Rivonia trial as well as other struggle heroes. Inter-mixed, you will find the history of Johannesburg, the Anglo Boer War and the prison life of well known South Africans inter-mingled into the South Africa we know today.

Guides on tour

Guides on tour

Exhibitions & museums

The Number 4

The Old Fort

The Womans Gaol

Constitution Court.

The Apartheid Museum

This Museum reflects the history of South Africans, were they came from and our indigenous people, The Koisan. Reflections into the past through massive photo’s and videos into the early South African history and apartheid, to the democracy we have today. Minimum 2 hours is needed to go through this museum.

The Apartheid Museum boasts a curio shop and well managed restaurant for a good break during the tour to complete the section of the Nelson Mandela exhibition.

At the end of your tour, we will transport you back to your hotel or airport.


Entrance fees, guide fees and transport cost


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items

Departure time: Every day as arranged from your hotel or airport

Costs are on request.


Mandela History

A world renowned and respected leader and retired President of South Africa has died. To commemorate this leader Nelson Mandela, we have designed this private day tour to take you on a Mandela day trip through the streets and buildings of Johannesburg that housed this man on his long walk to freedom. He might have passed away, but his ambition of a united South Africa remains with us and this is our new foundation that we can build our democracy on. He has left South Africans a legacy of freedom for all and to work hard together to achieve this and build a united South Africa that is free from corruption, discrimination, poverty and conflict. We can achieve this by the constitution that was drawn up at CODESA from 1990 till 1994 when we held our first free elections.

soweto day tour

Guides on tour

So, join us on a Mandela History Trip, Johannesburg & Soweto as we drive by the house of Nelson Mandela in Houghton, visit his offices in Johannesburg where he worked as a young lawyer and visit Constitutional Hill where Madiba was imprisoned during the Rivonia trial. Then, on to Soweto to the  Mandela House Museum for a guided tour of the family house. After a lunch in Soweto at Sakhumzis in Vilikazi street, we head for The Nelson Mandela Exhibition at the Apartheid Museum. We spend the rest of the day at this museum and exhibition to end the Mandela History Tour Johannesburg Soweto.

Included: Tourist Guide & transport + toll fee, one water. Door to door service.

Costs are on request.



Soweto may sound like an African name, but the word was originally an acronym for “South Western Townships”. A township sprawling across a vast area 20 kilometers south-west of Johannesburg. Solid homes known today still as the matchbox homes of Soweto, was built by the previous government during the apartheid era.

Soweto is the birth place and cradle of the struggle of the 1970’s, where the history of South Africa was written in the streets, shebeens and schools. Prominent leaders, Nelson Mandela & Archbishop Desmond Tutu stayed here and fought for change to the lives of millions of people. Today you still find the remains of the apartheid legacy and see the new emerging township all in one.

mandela history tour

The private day tour enters Soweto from Diepkloof also known as “Little Hollywood” to the people of Soweto. Turning into Martinus Smuts drive, the border of the old Soweto is the start of the matchbox homes and the hostels of the early years. Turning onto the Old Potchefstroom Road (Old Potch Road), and very soon the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital comes into view on the left and the Soweto taxi rank on the right hand side.

Here we can visit an informal settlement on a donation basis for those that wish to meet the people of Soweto living in shacks.

We continue past Soweto Campus – Johannesburg University and onto FREEDOM SQUARE, Kliptown. Today this famous space shows signs of the momentous events that occurred here in the mid – 1950’s.
Another part of the strategy the resistance leadership devised was the creation of a ‘People’s Bill of Rights’. This is a very famous document and became known as the Freedom Charter. Kliptown Soweto was the place chosen for a large public meeting in 1955 during which the contents of the document would be finalized and agreed upon.


Drive past the famous “elephant houses” of Soweto. They have concrete walls and roofs which cannot be extended as most houses in Soweto have been. Each house accommodates 2-3 families, but it is the colorful roofs that are responsible for the name: they are round like an elephant’s back.

Then on to the HECTOR PETERSON memorial, a museum dedicated to a young boy who was one of the first fatalities in the June 1976 uprisings, for an informative visit and insight into the riots. We move into Orlando West, and drive past Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s mansion, with security cameras at the gate and each corner of the high walls and bullet-proof windows. Outside the walls is her garden: a large well-tended rock garden being weeded by three gardeners. Above Winnie’s home is the area called “Beverley Hills” of Soweto.

Around the corner is Vilakazi Street, the street of two Nobel Peace Prize winners: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Up the hill is the Mandela home from the 1960’s, now a museum. Stand on the only road that carries the honour of two of the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.
We then visit a typical shebeen restaurant for lunch (Wandi’s or Sakhumzi’s – optional extra) or refreshments, for the real cultural experience.

We zip pass Orlando East seeing Orlando Soccer Stadium, home of Orlando Pirates. On our way out, we pass three massive goldmine super dumps and then the “Jewel of Jozi” – Soccer city or FNB stadium with the CALABASH stadium (94 700 seats) that hosted the 2010 final. The end of the tour is at your hotel or as arranged.

Lunch optional at Wandi’s or Sakhumzis place. A real home cooked meal – African Style.

Optional visits by arrangement to the Regina Mundi Church & the famous Towers for a view over Soweto OR a Bungee Jump.


Entrance fees, guide fees and transport cost. Door to door service.


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items. Entrance fees to Mr Mandela’s home

Departure time: Every day as arranged       

 Costs are on request.                                                               


Jewish History

The foundation of our economy through the gold & diamonds and business expertise they obtained through hundreds of years, you will find in the streets of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Jewish history Johannesburg has been part of our early history through Vasco Da Gama & some during 1652. Once religious freedom was granted in 1806, more Jews came to South Africa.

jewish history day tour
Today, surnames like Oppenheimer, Levit and many more are part and parcel of South Africans and Jews are part of the Rainbow Nation. Join us on a Jewish history Johannesburg tour seeing some of the oldest Shul’s in Johannesburg. The Lions Shull is a 111 years old and situated in Doornfontein, is still used today. See what has happened to the old Johannesburg Grand Synagogue and the new one in Houghton. We also visit the West Park Cemetery to see the Jewry’s memorial to the Holocaust and the War memorial.With the discovery of Diamonds and Gold during the late 1800′s, and with Jews that started trading farming equipment to a growing Boer community, veteran South African Jews, primarily of German and British extraction formed part of what we call the Randlords of Johannesburg. One of these Randlords Sammy Marks, was a good friend and confidant of President Paul Kruger. Others such as Barney Barnato (born Isaacs) has an interesting history in South Africa.


We also visit Pretoria Church Square and the Paul Kruger Street Synagogue. Entrance to this Shul is not easy and sometimes only seeing from the road. Lunch can be arranged at either The Blue Crane in Pretoria that is a beautiful place to view some of the water birds of South Africa, or the Metzuyan On The Square in Rosebank that serves kosher, or the Meat Kosher restaurant in Johannesburg.

Costs are on request.

Please note that a booking for the Jewish History Johannesburg must be done due to distance & time constraints, other historical landmarks such as Sammy Marks home, Barnato Lions and other Shul’s can be visited and is a personal tour to fit your requirements. The cost will then be re-calculated per person.


Guide and transport and 1 drink on the vehicle. Door to door service.


Entrance fees, lunch & drinks, curios & tips.

Note: Private Tours to ex-pats and family visiting nearly forgotten homes, schools etc, can also be arranged.


Pokemon Go Tour

Do a Pokemon Go tour in Johannesburg and Soweto with us as we will drive at egg incubation speed so that you still get credit towards hatching your eggs, Catz are Pokemon Go friendly and provide safe and private tours, we base the Pokemon itinerary on your needs, time frame and distance you need to travel to achieve your goal.


An ideal route will be from your hotel to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens as a start and then to Zoo Lake near Moyo’s. We then go to Rosebank Mall for lunch and to drop lures at Poke Stops and then head back to your hotel. There are many heritage sites all over Johannesburg and Soweto so, routes will change.
The exact route on the day will depend of course where the most activity is so, we will need your input and what you want to do for the day and which Poke Stops you want to use. We travel slow for the eggs to hatch.


Our vehicles are permitted and kept clean & serviced. We can take 9 people and free wifi, phone chargers and water to drink in the bus.

Costs: Are on request depending on your preferences and our suggestions.

Time: As per arrangement


Johannesburg City Day Tour

Johannesburg was born out of the discovery of gold and was founded in July 1886. Named after a surveyor Johan Rissik who was sent to select a site for the village and Johannes Joubert the mining commissioner that assisted him. Today, the city is proudly showing its history in downtown Johannesburg and walking tours are an excellent way to see the city.
This once dusty mining town has emerged to become a modern city, thriving with commercial, financial, industrial and trading opportunities. It is a city filled with excitement and contrasts through the unique cultural and social history of the people. Museums, cultural precincts, performing arts, theme parks, shopping and entertainment centers, craft markets, wildlife reservations and casinos all combine to create a unique experience for the visitor.
Johannesburg is the gateway to Africa – offering direct connections to the country’s major tourist attractions.

Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaque

Johannesburg is literally a man-made forest with more than 6 million planted trees, of which 4,8 million is in private gardens. On a satellite photo, Johannesburg looks like a rain forest.

Many of the cases Ghandi fought were for the Asian residents of this part of Johannesburg. The famous Market Theatre complex was actually termed the “Indian market” being the main fresh produce market for the burgeoning city.
The municipality constructed blocks of dormitories or hostels that houses workers in overcrowded poorly ventilated conditions.
Look out for the Victoria Market Theater building, which also houses the city’s principal socio-historic museum, Museum Africa (good display on Ghandi), the hostel complexes and punishment cell, the Workers Library set up to give mine workers in particular access to research Library facilities.
The Precinct includes the French Cultural Institute, the Foundation for Creative Arts, the Newtown Art Gallery, and the Yard of Ale, a great stopover for refreshments, and Gramadoelas Restaurant, which offers genuine South African cuisine.

Downtown Johannesburg – Ghandi lived in South Africa for many years and in fact during this time, developed the philosophy of “passive resistance” or satyagraha. Ghandi qualified as a lawyer in India, was retained by some Indian merchants in Durban to manage a case for them. This led to the young man experiencing first-hand the already severe racial discrimination in operation even prior to the outbreak of the South African War in 1899. During his years in South Africa he fought many cases for clients who has lost their land to the ever-tightening grip of racially based laws.Mahatma Ghandi
You will see: A newly renovated city square, which commemorates the life of this remarkable man and the fact that his law office was just across the road from the square.



We visit some of the suburbs of Johannesburg and downtown with a stop at Top of Africa, the Gold route & Maboneng. We will see some of the old homes and buildings on our drive through. The tour can be altered to your requirements and is a door to door service.

Costs are on request.


Lesedi Cultural Village experience

Lesedi is a multi-cultural African village, set amongst the pristine Bushveld and rocky hills less than an hour’s drive north of Johannesburg. Situated at Lesedi are five traditional homesteads – the Zulus with their fighting sticks and cozy beehive huts.

Lesedi Cultural Village Tour

Lesedi Cultural Village Tour

The Xhosa with their perfectly thatched Rondawels and distinctive white blankets, the rhythmic drums and whistles of the Pedi Tribe and the conical straw hats and thick, coloured blankets of the Basotho Latest additions to the facilities are a shebeen and craft market with a quaint Spaza shop with the Ndbele. A superbly decorated restaurant where an exotic buffet serving ethnic dishes and a carvery may be enjoyed. Door to door service.

Costs on request.


Sterfkontein Caves & Maropeng tour

sterkfontein caves maropeng
The Sterkfontein Caves lies in the Sterkfontein Valley, now known to be the very cradle of humankind. This is endorsed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The caves are a mere 45 minute drive west of Johannesburg and are home to the world-renowned fossils of “Little Foot” and “Mr Ples” as well as other important paleo-antropological discoveries.

The fossil rich history dates back more than three million years. The first virtually complete cranium of an early, ape-like australopithecine creature (Mrs Ples) was found at the Caves in 1947 during excavations by Dr Robert Broom. In 1998 Wits University found another intact fossilized skeleton of an early ape-man “Little Foot”. The caves finds tell us a great deal about hominid posture and locomotion, as well as which skulls are associated with which bones.
During nearly half a century between these two big discoveries, more than 600 fossil bones or bone fragments came from Sterkfontein caves, making it one of the richest and most famous palaeo-antropolgical sites in the world.
In 2000 Wits announced the discovery of Eurydice and Orpheus, the largely complete skull of a female hominid and a mandible of a related ape-man. Thought to be between 1,5 and 2 million years old, they are the most complete scientifically described ape-man skull.
There are still stalagmites and stalactites to be seen, an underground lake with crystal clear water and there are still fossil sites to be seen.

Maropeng is a man made structure 8km from the caves and  well worth the visit. This site depicts the various time frames of mother earth and its inhabitants. Here, earth – wind – fire and water comes to life with various displays, some fossils finds and Prof Lee Bergers hard work the past years. Door to door service.

Costs on request.


Rhino & Lion Park

“We support this park for our endangered Rhino’s and other species that can be viewed. We do not support Lion cub petting.”

The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve is situated only 30 minutes from Johannesburg and falls within the Sterkfontein Valley World Heritage Site. The Reserve boasts with 2 of the big five, Rhino and Lion. Buffalo can sometimes be seen as well as over 700 head of game, wildebeest, springbuck, hippo, waterbuck, red hartebeest, ostrich, blesbuck, eland and in the predator camps lions, cheetah and wild dogs.  The reserve is privately owned and covers an area of approximately one thousand hectares.

rhino and lion park day tour

The tour includes a guided trip throughout the Reserve viewing all the different species and it is possible to view more than 20 different species of game. This park is very close to the Wonder Caves and the Cradle of Mankind.


Entrance fees, guide fees and transport cost. door to door service.


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items

Departure time: Every day as arranged

Costs are on request.


Elephant Sanctuary

Note: Part of Bush Babies sanctuary in Magaliesburg

Elephant Back ride – Boma Ride – is extra cost per person

Guests are guided in small groups on foot through The Elephant Sanctuary. Guides will provide in-depth information and insight into African elephants. You will be introduced to our elephants in a forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with our elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it.

elephant sanctuary day tour

Morning experience

Short walk with the elephants trunk-in-hand. See where the elephant sleep at night in their stables. Feed the elephants. On some hot days you may even see the elephants swimming. Lunch on the main deck overlooking the elephants. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.

Depart at 08h30

Return at 13h30

Afternoon tour

You will be introduced to our elephants in the mountain area, uphill walk aprox 200m, and here you will be able to touch and interact with our elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it. Short walk with the elephants trunk-in-hand. See where the elephant sleep at night in their stables. Feed the elephants. On some hot days you may even see the elephants swimming. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.
Depart at 12h00

Return at 16h45                                                                                                                                                  


Transport Costs, guide fees and entrance fees. Door to door service.


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items.

Costs are on request.


De Wildt Cheetah Center

Ann Van Dyk established De Wildt Cheetah Centre in 1971 with the aim of breeding the severely endangered cheetah

The center has not only achieved the removal of the Cheetah from the endangered list, but also successfully breeds other endangered species, such as wild dog, brown hyena, riverine rabbit, suni antelope and blue duiker.

de wildt cheetah day tour

This tour provides the visitor with a unique opportunity to learn more about South Africa’s fascinating wildlife – and the efforts to reserve it for future generations.


Entrance fees to 3 hour guided tour, guide fees and Transport cost. Door to door service.


Cheetah Run, Photo opportunity, Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items

Departure time: Monday to Sunday at 13h30. Monday, Wed & Friday at 08h30

Cheetah run at 08h00 (30 minutes) followed by a three hour guided tour.

Cheetah run optional at per person extra

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only

Photo Opportunity

1 to 4 people per photo session – extra cost per person

Have a change to take your picture touching a Cheetah

Costs are on request.


Pretoria city tour

Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa and the seat of government administration it is a modern city built on the wealth of the Cullinan Diamond mines. The Union Buildings, overlooking the city are a monument to bygone eras of colonial power, the apartheid years and the freedom struggle. It was on the steps of the Union Buildings that President Mandela addressed the nation at his inauguration.

pretoria city day tour

Union Buildings

The Voortrekker monument is a memorial built to honour the early pioneers with a series of maps that charts the most important migratory patterns of the history of Southern Africa. Church Square is in the center of the city with the Paul Kruger statue looking down on the passers by.

Pretoria – The Garden City of Gauteng.
Magnificent parks and zoological gardens, a canopy of Jacaranda blooms in spring and summer, friendly community, serene village atmosphere yet a busy city center with excellent infrastructure.
Situated mid-point between Victoria Falls and Cape Town.
The greatest landmark is the Union Buildings designed by Sir Herbert Baker. Also the place where Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa’s first democratically elected President.
Church Square, in the center of Pretoria, is worth a visit with its imposing statue of President Paul Kruger and surrounded by historical buildings such as the Mint, the Palace of Justice, the Old State Bank and the Raadsaal.

Other historical places:
Various Boer Republic House Museums
Paul Kruger House
The Transvaal Museum
Museum of science and technology.
Wonderboom (giant fig tree)
Voortrekker Monument
Sammy Marks Museums
Melrose House
The Pretoria Zoo – one of the best in the world.
Aquarium and Reptile Park, the largest inland salt-water aquarium in South Africa.
The Lippizaner center to the South, where famous white horses display their moves.
The Ndebele Village – displays the most wonderful colour designs.
The Hartebeespoort dam – recreational dam and residential area with watersport, mountain climbing, the De Wildt Cheetah rehabilitation center, elephant sanctuary (walk with the elephants), curio stalls at Welwitcha Market, flea markets, Reptile center, cable cars to the top of the Magaliesburg mountain range. Door to door service.

Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker Monument

Costs on request.


Cullinan Diamond Mine

The small town of Cullinan was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan and was established together with the Premier Mine in 1902. Situated about 30 kilometers east of Pretoria, this is one of the richest diamond mines in the world, yielding an average of 2 million carats a year.
Three of the world’s most famous diamonds the Cullinan, the Centenary Diamond and the Premier Rose were mined at the Cullinan Mine.

cullinan mine 1Cullinan mine day tour Cullinan diamond mine tours above or below ground can be arranged.

Door to door service.

Costs on request.


Pilanesberg National Park

pilanesberg day tourThe Pilanesberg National Park is the fourth largest national park in South Africa and is set high in the Pilanesberg mountain range, traversing the floor of an ancient and now long extinct volcano over 1000 million years old, providing a number of interesting habitats for the varied fauna and flora of the park.  The park conserves all the major mammal species including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.  Mankwe Dam situated in the center of the reserve is a gathering point for many of the animals, providing excellent photo opportunities for the visitor.  This park is about 2.5 hour’s drive from Johannesburg and is situated in the North West Province.  The park offers a wide diversity of animal species, including the Big Five, 350 bird species and 54 reptile species as well as thousands of other interesting smaller animals.  Over 6000 animals have been relocated to Pilanesberg since 1979. This is also a malaria free area.

The Tours include travel time to and from Pilanesberg to Johannesburg & Pretoria. These are guided tours looking for animals and stopping at some game hides to view animals at the water and are done by a Tourist Guide or Game Ranger. Accommodation can be arranged for option 3.

Option 1 (Excellent choice if you only have 1 day in JHB)

pilanesberg private day tourPick-up early at 6 o’clock from Johannesburg or Pretoria. This drive is +- 2.5 hours with a half way stop at a Wimpy for a take away breakfast. We arrive at +- 8:30 and start our game viewing in an air-conditioned vehicle for the rest of the day. Lunch at Bakubung restaurant with a waterhole view over the Pilanesberg. We return to the park for the rest of the afternoon and then return to your hotel. We could do a stop at Chameleon Village for some curio shopping. Return time at your hotel is 6:30 Pm.

Option 2 (Experience day and night game drive)

We depart at 10:00 am so you have time for a nice breakfast as the day is going to be a long one. The drive to the Pilanesberg is 2 hours 30 minutes and really scenic. I use the Manyane gate to enter the park and we will do a slow drive in an air-conditioned vehicle searching for the elusive big 5 visiting 3 waterholes and a gamehide along the way. We stop for lunch at Bakubung and then depart at 16:00 for a +-3 hour late afternoon/early evening game drive in a Bakubung  game drive vehicle (open vehicle). After the drive we return to yourpilanesberg game drive hotel. Return time is 9:30 pm.

Please note: We can stop (on route) at Chameleon Village should you wish to purchase South African curio.




Option 3 ( If you want to have more time in the park)

Should you wish to stay over one or two nights. We depart early from Johannesburg or Pretoria and stop at a Wimpy for breakfast. We use either Bakubung lodge or Manyane camp depending on your budget but both are excellent accommodation. We check in after a game drive through the park and after a short rest, depart on an early evening game drive searching for animals in the park with a game ranger. Dinner at either Bakubung or Manyane. Should you want a second day in the park, we will be doing two game drives in an open vehicle with a game ranger. Lunch and dinner will be at the lodge.

Buffalo (1024 x 678)DSC_0235 (5)BlackshoulderkiteAddo Kudu (1024 x 678)Cheetah

We have an early morning start with a drive through the park hoping to see lion or leopard on the prowl and a 9:00 breakfast at the lodge. We check out and re-enter the park for the rest of the day searching for animals and depart for Johannesburg or Pretoria in the afternoon. We can stop at Chameleon village for some curio shopping.

Lunch (1024 x 768)


Entrance fees, guide fees and transport cost. Accommodation, breakfast & dinner with option 3.


lunch, drinks, tips and personal items

Departure time: Every day as arranged.

Costs are on request.


Sun City

The Sun City and Lost City Resorts are one of the prime tourist attractions in South Africa.The complex which is set on the slopes of a picturesque valley in the Pilanesberg mountains captures the essence of an ancient African Kingdom in the opulence and the astonishing architecture: the diversity and the tranquility will combine to enthrall the visitor.  Well worth a visit is the Valley of the waves, a man made sea with a beach and waves, a walkway linking the casino and the Lost City Hotel “Bridge of Time” complete with simulated earthquakes every 30 minutes.  The Entertainment Center houses a full casino, theme restaurants, conference rooms and the Super bowl and Galaxy theater.  The complex also hosts two championship golf courses as well as a lake providing water sports.  A crocodile farm is located near the entrance gates.

sun city day tour

The tour includes traveling to and from Sun City/Johannesburg or Pretoria, spending a leisurely day exploring Sun City or trying your luck at the casino.  Returning late afternoon.

All other activities are optional extras for own account.


Transport Costs, guide fees and entrance fees into the Sun City Complex.


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items.

Entrances fees to the Valley of the waves, crocodile farm and water sports not included.

Departure time: Daily as arranged.

Costs are on request.


Enjoy an early morning excursion in the Magaliesburg region with its natural nature beauty. This is exhilarating, adventurous and great fun. Your start is very early and from Johannesburg, your early wake up is well worth the effort and sunrise you will see at Bill Harrop’s place in the Magaliesberg. Coffee & tea will be served before your departure and a well deserved breakfast after your flight.

bill harrops

The team at Bill Harrop’s are excellent at what they do and are professional with the balloon flights. So, come with us on a balloon flight and meet the team and Bill Harrop.

balloon safari

The tour includes traveling to and from Johannesburg or Pretoria, spending a leisurely morning exploring the Magaliesberg from a balloon.  Returning at midday.

All other activities are optional extras for own account.


Transport Costs, guide fees and balloon safari.


Lunch, drinks, tips and personal items

Departure time: Very early.

Costs are on request.



The name used to describe the 12- km strip containing one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.
Beautiful area of coniferous forests, crisp streams and rolling hills. The area is locally known as Cashan, after the powerful chief of its ancient inhabitants, the Kwena Mmatau.


Rapidly developing urban and commercial center north-west of Johannesburg. Boasts the Randburg Waterfront modeled on a marina, boasts fine restaurants and a unique shopping experience.

Exellent accommodation

Excellent accommodation


Prosperous business, commercial and residential district with its own sophisticated appeal. A cosmopolitan atmosphere permeates its international hotels, conference centers and shopping malls. Upmarket recreation facilities including theaters, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and business centers combine to make Sandton a distinctive business and attractive leisure destination close to both Johannesburg and Tswane.


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