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South Africa Say Things


Ag An explanation of irritation
Babalas The morning after the night before.
Bakkie Small tub or a car that resembles a pickup
Black Jack A Thin black seed which attaches to clothing
Blue Train a luxury train service running between PTA and CT
Biltong Dried raw meat – yerky
Boer Afrikaans speaking farmer
Boerekos Lots of fat, meat, cholestrol, sugar. This is lekker farm cooking.
Boerewors Type of a sausage and part of the SA braai.
Boma A wood and thatched shelter with a big fire where you eat dinner
Bottle store A retail outlet selling liquor
Braai Known as a BBQ, braaiing is a national pastime only performed by
men so that the women can relax in the kitchen.
Bucks South african money or antelope
Bushveld Lowveld – usually Mpumalanga
Bundu wild, remote country
Cape Doctor south-easterly wind in the cape region
Cape Dutch Architecture of the early Western Cape
Chips Either crisps or fries
Dop An alcoholic drink
Dustdevil whirlwind raising a pillar of dust
Dutchman Not a Hollander, Afrikaans speaking man.
Egoli Common name for Johannesburg
Fundi an expert
Gogga an insect
Hamba Kahle farewell or goodbye
Hoezit a greeting
Is it? the most useful single phrase in south african english, means:
Ja yes
yes, no, really, you don’t say, I didn’t know.
Just now anything from 5 minutes to about 5 hours.
Karoo arid plateau of the western cape
Klaar finished or done with
Kloof a deep valley
Komib or Zola Budd 16 seater microbus
Koppie a small hill
Kraal a livestock enclosure
Krans a sheer cliff
Lapa A wood/Reed/Shelter without walls.
Larny Smart
Lekker Nice, Good, Great.
Long drop outside toilet
Mampoer Wickedly delicious and fatally strong fruit brandy.
mealie maize, mealie pap or phutu when cooked (Corn)
Muti Traditional medicine.
Potjie Traditional way of cooking, stew-type food very slowly in a cast iron
pot over a fire, about 5 hours.
Robot Traffic lights
Rooibos Herbal tea
Rondawel circular hut usually thatched
Safari a long distance journey
Sangoma African witchdoctor.
Sawubona hello
Shame an exclamation in response to either good or bad news
Shebeen African bars open 24 hrs a day.
Sis exclamation of disgust
Spaza Basic supply store
Spoor a track or footprint of a man or animal
Spruit water course
Stoep Veranda
Takkie canvas tennis-type shoes
Toyi Toyi militant dance
Trek make a long journey
Tsotsi criminal gang member
Veld South African countryside
Vlei swamp or wet ground


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